in quality 意味

  • 質の面で、質的に
  • a quality:    a quality備後表びんごおもて
  • in quality of:    ~の資格{しかく}で、~の立場{たちば}で
  • quality:    quality n. 質, 素質, 品質; 特性, 特質, 性格; 良質; 能力.【動詞+】What are the qualities you most admire in a teacher?教師がもつべき資質として何をもっとも高く評価しますかIt brought out all his worst qualities.それによって彼のいちばん悪い点がすべて出てしまったcheck the


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  1. but tea differed in quality from region to region .
  2. i knew there would be a drop in quality , but 68% ?
    品質の低下は覚悟 してたけど 68%?
  3. you can see improvements in quality and equity .
  4. a reddish one contains iron and is inferior in quality .
  5. in quality to our stanford class
    スタンフォード大と同じか それ以上の質の講義を


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