in reaction to 意味

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  • ~を受けて、~に対して
  • as a reaction:    反動で
  • no reaction:    無反応{む はんのう}
  • reaction:    reaction n. 反応; 反発; 反動, 反作用; 〔物理〕 核反応.【動詞+】anticipate sb's reaction人の反応を見越して手を打つcause a reaction反応を引き起こすconceal one's reaction反応を隠すelicit a reaction反応を誘いだすThe poll tax encountered a strong reaction


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  1. they should do in reaction to recent surveillance .
    細分化が必要だと 考える国もあるようですが
  2. what are you going to do in reaction to this ?
  3. emerged in reaction to the incursion
  4. in reaction to this , japan criticized the envoy sent in 771 for giving an impolite johyobun (memorial to the emperor ).
  5. in reaction to that the monks of enryaku-ji temple barricaded themselves in the konponchudo hall and vehemently criticized yoshinori .


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