in riot 意味

  • 《be ~》混乱状態{こんらん じょうたい}である
  • a riot:    a riot一揆いっき
  • riot:    1riot n. 騒動, 暴動; 多種多彩; ほとばしり; 大当たり; 大変おもしろい人.【動詞+】cause a riot騒動を引き起こすThe police crushed the riot.警察が暴動を鎮圧したHe was arrested for fomenting a riot.騒動を扇動したかどで逮捕されたThe police handled the riot admirably.
  • anti-riot:    {形} :


  1. in may 1177 , when monks from the enryaku-ji temple rose in riot and surged toward the ingosho (the retired emperor ' s court ), norimori guarded the imperial palace .


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