in rivalry 意味

  • 《be ~》張り合っている
  • in rivalry with:    ~に対抗して、~に対立して、~を向こうに回して
  • rivalry:    rivalry n. 競争(心), 対抗, 敵対.【動詞+】break down old rivalriesかつての敵対(関係)を打破するfoster rivalry競争心を抱くOur team has an ongoing rivalry with them for dominance of the league.わがチームはリーグ内の覇権をめぐって彼らに対抗意識を持ち続けているcircum
  • (sense of) rivalry:    (sense of) rivalry対抗意識たいこういしき


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  1. thereafter , the clan was obedient to kamakurafu under the situation where kamakurafu and bakufu were in rivalry .
  2. in rivalry with the criticism against ichijo and hokekyo in this book , saicho wrote " shogon-jikkyo ," which is where the dispute between them started .
  3. dissatisfied with shoyo tsubouchi ' s " essence of novels ," shimei wrote this novel in rivalry with " tosei shosei katagi " (the character of modern students ).
  4. as the clan was in rivalry with the ouchi clan , it sided with the eastern forces in the onin war and continued to confront the ouchi clan , until the sengoku period , in alliance with the amako clan .
  5. today we see many activities in which maizuru and kure collaborate with each other to gain attention for nikujaga and their cities associated with the imperial japanese navy , while announcing they are in rivalry .


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