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  • 歩調{ほちょう}を合わせて、足並みをそろえて、調和{ちょうわ}して、一致{いっち}して
    Since Aiko has lived in a foreign country, she is not in step with the times in Japan. アイコは、外国に住んでいたので、日本の時勢に歩調がそろっていない。
  • a step:    a step一足ひとあし踏み段ふみだん歩武ほぶ一歩いっぽ一切りひときり歩ほ
  • in step with:    {1} : ~と歩調を合わせて[そろえて]、~とともに、~に一致して、~と調和してTuition on credit has grown in step with people's increasing use of plastic. クレジットカードの使用者の増加とともに、クジットカードによる授業料の支払いも増えてきている。----------------------------------
  • step:    1step n. 歩み; 足音; 歩きぶり; 足跡; 近距離; 踏み段; 手段; 手順; 進歩.【動詞+】aid sb's unsteady step(s)よろめき歩く人に手を貸すHe ascended the steps.踏み段を上ったChange step!〔号令〕 歩調変えHe climbed the steps to the third floor. 3階まで階段を上ったdescend


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  1. but then what happens in step three ?
  2. were they deliberately walking in step , or anything like that ?
    取材者: みんな わざわざそうやって歩いたんですか?
  3. interviewer: were they deliberately walking in step , or anything like that ?
    取材者: みんな わざわざそうやって歩いたんですか?
  4. employees who did not follow in step left the company one after another , and in 1898 , " kokumin no tomo " was discontinued .
  5. hachijoin , who was the emperor nijo ' s junbo (acting mother of the emperor ), supported mochihito , and onjo-ji temple , which was closely connected to goshirakawa , and kofuku-ji temple , which was against exile of the kanpaku , also kept in step with him; this became a great threat to a new regime .


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