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  1. In substance , he took the helm of state affairs of bakufu .
  2. At present , ' o-mato zenkoku taikai ' (the national competition of arrow shooting at large targets ) is held at sanjusangen-do hall around the middle of january every year , but the competition is such that the participants take aim at targets located 60 meters away , which is similar in appearance to , but different in substance from , toshiya .
  3. While she is thought to have put herself under the protection of her father (emperor tenmu ) (some say in " manyoshu " [the oldest anthology of tanka ] she became the lawful wife of takechi ), there is no doubt that she remained in a very complicated and awkward situation as the empress in substance of defeated omi side or as an imperial princess of the emperor .
  4. In addition , before land-tax reform , the government legalized buying and selling of land by lifting the prohibition of sale and purchase of farming land which was already lacked in substance in 1872; in 1873 the government also legalized the borrowing and lending of money by using land as collateral by setting the regulations on pawing and listing real estates and regulations on listing movable property and real estate property for borrowing and lending of money and goods .
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