in substitution for 意味

  • ~の代わりに、~の代用として
  • substitution:    substitution n. 代わり; 代用; 交替.【動詞+】At the last minute the government made a substitution and sent a low-ranking diplomat instead.政府は直前になって人を入れ替えて, かわりに下級の外交官を派遣した.【形容詞 名詞+】amino acid substitutionアミノ酸の
  • adaptive substitution:    adaptive substitution適応的置換[医生]
  • address substitution:    アドレス置換{ちかん}


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  1. in substitution for him , tsunaharu kutsuki was adopted from zeze domain in omi province to be the family ' s legitimate son .
  2. the act of minamoto no nakaaki in substitution for yoshitoki resulted in the assassination of nakaaki and the survival along with sanetomo and the survival of yoshitoki .
  3. in 1936 , he organized jyuen (cerebration party of longevity ) in his koki (the cerebration of a person ' s 70th birthday ) in substitution for his funeral in the future .
  4. if this law is violated and the transgressor is deliberately set free , then two or three people must be decapitated in substitution for him or her and their heads must be handed to his or her former master .
    若此御法度を相背 其者逃し候ニ付而は 其一人之代ニ三人首をきらせ 彼相手之所へ可下渡
  5. to get out of difficulty , the plan to perform 伝国詔宣 by kogimonin; the direct ancestor of kogon , komyo , and suko , who stayed in kyoto , in substitution for the retired emperor , was made .


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