in the audience 意味

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  • 客席{きゃくせき}の間で
  • audience:    audience n.(1) 聴衆; 観客; 読者.【動詞+】address a large audience大聴衆に演説するThe audience was deeply affected.聴衆は深く感動したarouse an audience to passion聴衆を熱中させるThe audience was assembled in the school gymnasium.聴衆は学校
  • audience with:    audience with目通りめどおり
  • in the audience of:    面前で


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  1. in his lifetime , with him sitting in the audience
    彼が生きている間に 本人が見ている前で
  2. and i want to thank all of you in the audience
  3. who i believe is in the audience at this very moment .
    今 この観客の中にいるはずです
  4. anyone in the audience who is in favor of malaria ?
    手を挙げて 誰かマラリアが好きな人?
  5. and i sat like you guys there in the audience .
    皆さんのように座って 観客席から見ていると


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