in the capacity of 意味

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  • in the capacity of
  • at capacity:    全生産能力をあげて
  • capacity:    capacity n. 収容能力; 包容力; 容量; 力量, 手腕; 資格.【動詞+】ascertain the navigable capacities of a harbor港湾の船舶収容力を確かめるassess the military capacity of a countryある国の軍事力を査定するThey have boosted their nuclear power capac
  • in capacity:    最大{さいだい}容量{ようりょう}[容積{ようせき}]でThe wooden barrel is 30 gallons in capacity. その木樽の容量は30ガロンです。


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  1. in the capacity of human beings to change .
  2. he associated with the company in the capacity of an advisor after resigning from the company .
  3. this book was written by the odachi clan in the capacity of the bakufu ' s vassal and it is not a book dealing with general shosaturei .
  4. in july , taneyoshi in the capacity of daishogun (commander in chief ) of the kyoto army fought the shogunate army in mino province and in the battle of uji-gawa river , but was defeated .
  5. therefore , it is assumed that they were the middle-class samurai in izu province resided at hojo in the capacity of zaichokanjin (local officials ) without a great deal of power .


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