in the country 意味

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  • 田舎に、外野で、国内に
  • (the) country:    (the) country鄙ひな
  • by country:    by country国別くにべつ
  • country:    country n.(1) 国; 祖国; 国民.【動詞+】when the country is agitated国内が騒然としているときassassinate sb to avenge one's country祖国の仇(あだ)を討つため人を暗殺するHe betrayed his country to the French during the Napoleonic Wars.ナポレオン戦争


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  1. people that aren't even in the country they're working [in ].
  2. i was driving in the country one day with my wife
    ある日 妻と田舎をドライブしていました
  3. i've found the perfect place for us here in the country .
  4. for all of the youngsters in the country , the four seasons .
  5. which is in every newspaper and magazine in the country .


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