in the document 意味

  • in the document
  • a document:    a document書き物かきもの一札いっさつ
  • document:    1document n. 文書, 文献, 書類; 証書; 記録, 資料.【動詞+】arrange the necessary documents for a trip to Europeヨーロッパ旅行に必要な書類を用意するattach documents to one's draft自分の草稿に資料を添えるcapture documents書類を押収するcirculate the releva
  • document's:    {形} : 文書の、資料の◆【略】doc's


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  1. errors in the document , it's the wrong name of the captain
    文書にもです 船長は違う名前で
  2. his first appearance in the document is in 1505 as his childhood name ' takematsu .'
  3. zaiminbukyo-ke uta-awase: held in around 885; the oldest uta-awase recorded in the document (ariwara no yukihira )
    在民部卿家歌合 : 仁和元年(885年)頃(記録に残る最古の歌合)<在原行平>
  4. this was mentioned in the document submitted by the hyojosho , by request from the government in the kyoho era (1716-1735 ).
  5. it is mentioned in the document which belongs to his descendant 篠澤明剛 and is put on view to the public in saku city mochizuki museum of history and folklore .


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