in the enclosure 意味

  • 場内で
  • enclosure:    enclosure n. 封入物; 構内, 囲い.【動詞+】clip an enclosure to a covering letter添え状に添付物をクリップで留める.【形容詞 名詞+】a barbed-wire enclosure有刺鉄線の囲いa royal enclosure(競馬場などでの)貴賓席the stewards' enclosure at Henley《英》 ヘンリーレガッタ
  • an enclosure:    an enclosure一封いっぷう
  • as a part of the enclosure:    同封物の一部として


  1. along with amplifiers in the enclosure
  2. around 4 p .m . naganori reached tamura mansion , being held in the enclosure of deai-no-ma chamber , then was taken off his daimon (shogun or daimyo ' s formal costume consisting of wide sleeved jacket with family crests ) first .


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