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  • in the middle
  • by the middle of:    ~の半ばまでに(は)The book will be available by the middle of September.
  • in the middle of:    in the middle of最中さいちゅうさなか
  • middle:    middle n. 中央, 真ん中, 中ごろ; 《口語》 腰, 胴部.【前置詞+】about the middle of next month来月のなかばごろabout the middle of May 5月のなかばごろHe ranks somewhat above the middle of his class.クラスでの彼の席次は中よりやや上だplay both ends against


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  1. because theyre fighting in the middle of this rain
    彼らも この雨の中 戦っておりますので
  2. the attack took place in the middle of a shift change .
    襲撃は 勤務の交替時間中です
  3. we're in the middle of something ! you wouldn't understand .
  4. well , my hester's still in the middle of his shift .
    俺のヘスターは まだ仕事中だから
  5. they just ... up and left in the middle of the night .
    あの一家は... 夜逃げしたの


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