in the negative 意味

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  • 否定{ひてい}の、拒否{きょひ}の、反対{はんたい}の
    He answered me in the negative. 彼は私に否定的な答えをした。
  • a negative:    a negative陰画いんが
  • a-negative:    {名} : A 型 Rh マイナス◆血液型My blood type is A-negative. 私の血液型は A 型 Rh マイナスです。
  • negative:    1negative n.(1) 否定(語), 否定命題; 拒否.【動詞+】When I asked him if he liked her he expressed a polite negative.彼女を好きかと尋ねたらていねいに?いいえ?と言った.【形容詞 名詞+】give a direct negativeはっきりと?ノー?と言うa double negative二重否定a flat


  1. citizen in the negative .
  2. in heaven celestial beings are living , in the spirit land angels are living , in the positive world positive spirits are living and in the negative world negative spirits are living .
  3. for a question (e .g . does susano have bad intentions ?) , an act was performed , with the vow that the answer would be in the affirmative if it produced a certain result , but in the negative if it did not .


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