in the nude 意味

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  • ヌードで、全裸で、真っ裸で、素っ裸で、裸体で、腹蔵なく、包み隠さず
  • nude:    1nude n. 裸体; 裸体画.【形容詞 名詞+】a fleshy nude by Rubensルーベンスが描いた肉付きのよい女性の裸体画a Rubens nudeルーベンスの裸婦.【前置詞+】swim in the nude何も身につけずに泳ぐ.【+前置詞】a nude by Picassoピカソの裸体画the nude in art(絵画 彫刻に表わされた)裸像a nude of a b
  • a nude (painting):    a nude (painting)裸婦画らふが
  • hair nude:    〈和製英語〉ヘアヌード◆【標準英語】nude photos with pubic hair uncensored


  1. i asked you before to let me draw you in the nude , remember ?
    今度ヌード描かせてくれたら やめてもいいけど
  2. he was cleaning our house in the nude .
  3. it is conjectured that sanetaka drew the picture , and some people pointed out that the woman in the nude could be his wife , who gave birth to the first daughter in november of the same year (old calendar ).
  4. although junnyo was confused , he performed beautiful dancing in the nude , since he felt he had to follow the order in order to achieve his fervent wish to restore hongan-ji temple , and yoshimasa praised his performance .


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