in the pits 意味

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  • 《be ~》どん底にある
  • pits:    pitsピット[電情]
  • iris pits:    虹彩小窩{こうさいしょうか}
  • landing pits:    着地用砂場{ちゃくちよう すなば}◆走り幅跳びの


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  1. when i was in the pits and anus of mexico .
  2. the men who fight in the pits of meereen will swallow him whole .
    闘技場の奴らに 飲み込まれちまうよ
  3. people used to bet against me when i fought in the pits .
    俺が闘技場で戦っていた頃 俺の相手に賭ける人ばかりだった
  4. this is a mess . we're in the pits .


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