in the planning stage 意味

  • 《be ~》計画中である、準備段階{じゅんび だんかい}である


  1. actually , it's still in the planning stage , but
    実は まだ 構想段階なんだけどな。
  2. in the planning stage , two plans were proposed: the first is to follow national highway route no . 24 throughout , and the second is to follow national highway route no . 24 and the nishikujo-saho line .
    通過地域は、全線を国道24号に沿う/国道24号 + 西九条佐保線に沿うの2案が推奨された。
  3. the keinakita road section connecting kyoto city and joyo city is now in the planning stage , because there is a plan to improve the shin meishin expressway , a national expressway running east to west in joyo city , and because the daini-keihan-doro highway (which opened in 2003 ) runs parallel with its western portion .
  4. in the planning stage of the kosei line , with the estimate that the track volume of the tokaido main line would reach its limit , it was planned to construct a new line that would run from yamashina station to nagao station (osaka prefecture ) on the katamachi line and to have freight trains enter a new nagao yard and limited express trains enter osaka station from the katamachi line via the jr tozai line .
    計画時は東海道本線の線路容量が限界になるであろうとの予測により、山科から片町線長尾駅 (大阪府)に抜ける新線を作り、貨物列車を新設の長尾操車場に、特急列車を片町線からJR東西線経由で大阪に入れる構想であった。
  5. nagaokakyo city and hankyu corporation reached an agreement in november 2005 to construct a new station on the crossover point of this hankyu line and the second outbound belt highway (kyoto jukan expressway (or trans kyoto expressway ) that bypasses national route 478; in the planning stage ) between oyamazaki station and nagaoka-tenjin station (however , the commencement and inauguration dates are yet to be determined ).


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