in the points 意味

  • 《モータースポーツ》得点圏内{とくてん けんない}で(完走{かんそう}[ゴール]する)
    There were just only three races in which he finished in the points. 彼が得点圏内で完走できたレースはわずか3レースだけだ。


  1. in the points of emphasizing the emperor ' s actions and reflecting the authentic style of the national histories , it greatly influenced later works such as nihon sandai jitsuroku (veritable records of three reigns of japan ).
  2. meiroku zasshi is a bulletin in which today ' s famous scholars discuss and write articles and it is very unique in the points of authenticity of topics , accurate texts , interests that notices bring and merits to encourage and teach juniors , so that people in both public sector and private sector have to read with holding it on the forearm .'
  3. promoted by the cultural independencies of various provinces in the rivalry of powerful leaders of the sengoku period (period of warring states ), many new local brands were produced in various places , integrated with the food culture of common people in each places , and they became diversified in the points of taste , quality , amount of production , and so on .
    戦国時代 (日本)の群雄割拠が諸国に文化的な独自性を持たせたことも追い風となって、それぞれの土地の一般庶民の食文化との相互補完をベースとしながら、各地に数々の新しいローカルブランドが誕生し、味、酒質、製造量などの点において多様化が進んでいった。


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