in the preparation of 意味

  • ~の調整時{ちょうせい じ}に


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  1. so that he could aid in the preparation of his own defense
  2. collects , analyzes and provides materials required in the preparation of legislation .
  3. there are also small sized sudare that are used in food preparation , such as in the preparation of sushi rolls; in particular , the small mats called " makisu " or " sumaki ."
  4. meanwhile , most of these quotations were so-called quotations within quotations from earlier encyclopedias such as " hsiu-wen-tien yu-lan " (one of the sources in the preparation of " imperial readings of the taiping era " ) (issho (lost book )) from the northern qi dynasty and " geimon-ruiju " (a chinese encyclopedia , literally " collection of literature arranged by categories " ) and " wensi boyao " from the tang dynasty .
  5. the technique which is described as a tradition harking back to a time when fujiwara no yamakage cleaned carp is revived by a performer in a lacquered hat and hitatare (samurai ' s large square-cut coat with cord laced sleeve edges ) cutting and trimming such material as carp , sea bream , and bonito without touching the fish by using only a kitchen-knife and manabashi (type of long chopsticks used in the preparation of fish ), which is sometimes dedicated on ritual occasions throughout japan .


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