in the process 意味

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  • そのプロセス[過程{かてい}]で、いつの間にか
  • in process:    {形} :
  • in process of:    ~の進行中{しんこうちゅう}で、~の最中{さいちゅう/さなか}で、~の途中{とちゅう}で、~の過程{かてい}で、~のプロセスを進めてBilingual education incorporate a student's native language in the process of turning him into an educated citizen. 2カ国語[2言語併用]教育は生徒
  • in the process of:    ~の過程{かてい}でThey are in the process of moving offices, so it is hard to get in touch with them. 彼らはオフィス移転の最中なので、連絡がとりづらい。


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  1. in the process of opening boxes to try and find pies
  2. now , in ethiopia , we're in the process of designing
    今エチオピアでは 史上はじめての
  3. no flower was damaged in the process of this shot ;
  4. and killed our case against ridley in the process .
    これで リドリーに不利な証人は消えた
  5. and in the process they're spreading the manure out .


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