in the reverse direction 意味

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  1. after stripping the shell off the prawn , remove the digestive tract from the back of the prawn and stretch the prawn in the reverse direction not to be rolled up .
  2. then fold back the strap [b ] in the reverse direction (if [b ] is the back strap extending from the left rear to the right front , fold it back from the knot , and pull the part extending to the right front to the left ), and turn the strap [c ] round again .
  3. route 100 is kyoto-ekimae (in front of kyoto station ) - hakubutsukan (museum )/sanjusangen-domae (in front of sanjusangen-do temple ) - gojo-zaka slope - gion - heian-jingu shrine - ginkaku-ji temple - kinrin-shako depot - ginkaku-ji temple - heian-jingu shrine - jingu-michi (shrine road ) - returning to kyoto-ekimae running on the same route in the reverse direction .


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