include wine in the buffet 意味

  • ビュッフェにワインも用意{ようい}する
  • buffet:    1buffet n. 打撃; もまれること.【動詞+】He gave me a light buffet with his fist.こぶしで私を軽く殴った.【+動詞】The buffets landed on my head.頭をたたかれた.【+前置詞】suffer the buffets of fate運命にもまれるa buffet on the head頭に一撃みまわれること. 2buf
  • include:    include v. 含む, 入れる.【副詞1】The cost of a night's lodging normally includes a continental breakfast. 1泊の費用は通例コーヒーとロールパンの軽朝食を含む.【+前置詞】It is included among the number.その数に含まれているI include you among my frie
  • include in:    算入する


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