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  1. these countries are facing a rapid increase in population and their future prospects are not bright .
  2. it is suspected that many settlements sought more cultivation areas in each region , due to the rapid increase in population of the yayoi group .
  3. according to the census conducted in 2005 , shimogyo ward was one of the wards , together with adjacent nakagyo ward and minami ward (kyoto city ), which saw an increase in population .
    2005年に行われた国勢調査においても、隣接する中京区や南区 (京都市)などと並び人口増加区のひとつとなった。
  4. during the early nara period , the land and people were governed by the central government based on the ritsuryo system , but in 722 , with the increase in population and financial demands , a large scale land development program was formulated to increase the national income by the government .
  5. although some cars were added , many people living in the northern area in nishinomiya city and sanda city , in which a rapid increase in population was seen , asked that rapid trains be provided , and some rapid trains came on the scene after the privatization of jnr in 1989 (the section for the rapid train was only between osaka and sanda , which is the same as today ).


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