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  • 墨{すみ}、墨汁{ぼくじゅう}、固形{こけい}の墨{すみ}


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  1. every oban of this variety had the seal mark written in indian ink by the 9th master teijo .
  2. he was good at painting bamboos with a brush using indian ink , and had interests in literary persons and studies .
  3. kindei eryoshi bokusho komei tenno shinkan gyosei (autographed writing of poems and letters in indian ink on gold painted paper by emperor komei )
  4. on the surface , a seal mark ' ju-ryo goto ' was written in indian ink by the 17th mint master tenjo , the descendant of the mint master shirobe goto .
  5. cracked parts are covered with clay and then paper , and then painted with indian ink , so it is certain that it has undergone extensive repairs .
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