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  1. people said , you know , you really ought to have this in indian languages .
  2. further , original scriptures such " muryo gikyo " (sutra of immeasurable meanings ), 「仏説孟蘭盆経」 , " juo-shinko " (ten kings (ten judges of hell ) belief ), " jikku kannongyo " that were not written in indian languages such as sanskrit and were established in chinese characters in china and korea are sometimes considered to be forged scriptures .
  3. those schools of foreign languages were positioned as institutes for training of people who would conduct some activities in foreign countries such as diplomatic activities , trading or missionary work , and what characterized those schools was that they emphasized education of minor languages such as chinese , russian , spanish , portuguese , malay and indian languages other than english , french , and german , the essential academic subjects for those who intend to enter imperial universities from senior high schools (old education system ).
    これらの外国語学校は外交・貿易・布教など海外活動実務者の養成機関として位置づけられ、旧制高等学校 - 帝国大学進学者にとって必須の教養であった英語・フランス語・ドイツ語のみならず、中国語・ロシア語・スペイン語・ポルトガル語・マレー語・印度諸言語など、よりマイナーな語学の教育を重視していたという点に特徴がある。
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