indicated for 意味

  • 《be ~》~の治療{ちりょう}に適応{てきおう}される
  • as indicated:    図のように、《医》適応{てきおう}があれば
  • if indicated:    必要{ひつよう}であれば
  • indicated:    {名-1} : (計器{けいき}などに)表示{ひょうじ}された指示{しじ}された--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-2} : 〈英俗〉望ましい


  1. in the case of a posthumous conferral , an antemortem ikai is additionally indicated for reference .
  2. as of now , that was " sandaijitsuroku " (the sixth of the six classical japanese history texts ) edited in the late ninth century in which the term " hyakusho " indicated for the first time , a person engaged in agriculture .


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