inept at 意味

  • 《be ~》~するのが不器用な
  • inept:    inept adj. 適性のない.【副詞】He is hopelessly inept at work that requires manual dexterity.手先の器用さを要する仕事にはどうしようもなく適していないan incredibly inept surgeon信じられないくらい適性を欠いた外科医She is socially inept.社交べただHe is totally i
  • inept in:    《be ~》~に不向き{ふむき}な
  • inept excuse:    下手な言い訳


  1. and you of all people should know that i've always been a little inept at this .
    でもやっぱり私は こういうことに向いてないわ
  2. tsukkorobashi is a kind of person who is timid , and too attentive to women; he is inept at earning a living , gutless , and somewhat unreliable since he is from a well-to-do family .


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