ingestion 意味

発音記号: [ in'dʒestʃən ]発音を聞く   ingestionの例文


  1. Diluted in blood , it causes a cardiac 8 hours after ingestion and leaves no trace .
    血液に入ると 8時間で 心停止を起こし 痕跡を残しません
  2. Takahashi introduced experimental pharmacology to japan: the study of changes on a living organism induced by the ingestion of a chemical agent .
  3. The ninja were considered to have improved their eyesight not only through the methods described above , but also through the ingestion of sansho (japanese pepper ).
  4. He is supposed to have died not of a plague which had prevailed and killed many court nobles at that time , but of aggravation of mizu nomi yami (water-drinking illness ) (diabetes ) resulting from excessive ingestion of sake (alcohol ), which he coincidentally experienced at the time .
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