injurious assault 意味

  • 暴行傷害{ぼうこう しょうがい}
  • injurious:    injurious adj. 害になる, 有害な.【+前置詞】Too much drinking is injurious to (one's ) health.飲みすぎは健康に悪いbe injurious to credit信用にかかわるThe policy would be injurious to the best interests of the nation.その政策が実行されれば国
  • assault:    1assault n. 襲撃, 攻撃; 強襲; 〔法律〕 暴行.【動詞+】anticipate an enemy assault敵の攻撃を予期するThe commandos carried out the assault brilliantly.奇襲部隊は見事に攻撃をかけたcommit an assault upon sb人に暴行を働くThey conducted an assault on
  • assault on:    ~への襲撃{しゅうげき}[攻撃{こうげき}]


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