injury incident to the performance 意味

  • 履行{りこう}に伴う傷害{しょうがい}
  • incident:    1incident n. 出来事, 挿話, エピソード; 事変, 紛争.【動詞+】And the incident was closed.そしてその事件は片がついたThe authorities tried to cover up the incident.当局は事件をもみ消そうとしたdescribe an incident出来事を描写(など)するShe had fabricated the
  • incident to:    incident to付随附随ふずい
  • injury:    injury n. 害, 損傷, 危害, けが; 無礼, 侮辱.【動詞+】aggravate an old knee injuryひざの古傷を悪化させるavoid injury危害を避けるHer car was struck from behind, causing her severe back and neck injuries.車で追突され背中と首に重傷を負ったdo sb an inju


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