instructed to 意味

  • 《be ~》~するように指示{しじ}される、~する命を受ける
  • as instructed:    命令{めいれい}どおりに、指示{しじ}に従って、指示{しじ}どおり
  • as instructed in:    (人)の指示{しじ}どおりに
  • instructed:    {形} : 教育を受けた


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  1. that mere i was instructed to take this taxi
    あの 私はこのタクシーに乗れと 指示されただけで
  2. she's been instructed to stop . do not fire .
    船には既に停止命令が出ているから 砲撃しないでくれ
  3. i have been instructed to offer your grace a proposal .
  4. they've been instructed to shoot us down if we try to descend .
  5. have they been instructed to leave their doors open ? mmhmm .


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