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  • {形} : 侮辱的{ぶじょくてき}な、侮辱{ぶじょく}の、無礼{ぶれい}な、失礼{しつれい}な
    Do you not get how insulting you're being? 《批難する》自分が失礼なことをしてるのが分からないんですか?
    He found the comment by the president insulting. 彼は社長のコメントは侮辱的だと感じた。
  • (insulting) you:    (insulting) you己おのれ
  • downright insulting:    実に無礼{ぶれい}な
  • insulting assault:    侮辱{ぶじょく}による[無礼{ぶれい}な]攻撃{こうげき}He was immediately met with an insulting assault of gay innuendo.


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  1. well , i'll be honest , that's a little insulting , man .
  2. i don't know what it means either , but it sounds insulting .
  3. now , of course , we're not just insulting people .
  4. with a police investigation and insulting a police officer .
    警官侮辱罪で 現行犯逮捕。
  5. provided that you come up with a less insulting number .
    もう少し 寛大な値を付けて下されば


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