insurance application 意味

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  • 保険契約申込
  • application for insurance:    保険申込書{ほけん もうしこみしょ}
  • application procedures for the insurance program:    労災申請{ろうさい しんせい}
  • application:    application n.(1) 申し込み, 出願, 申請; 申し込み書, 願書.【動詞+】The school is now accepting applications for the academic year of 1996.その学校は目下 1996 年度の学生を募集中であるMy application was accepted .私の申し込みは受け入れられたApplications


  1. you read about his allergy on his insurance application .
    保険適用で アレルギーの事を読んで知ってた


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