interested in 意味

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  • interested in
  • interested:    interested adj. 興味をもった; (…)したい; 関係している; 利害関係のある.【副詞】He is deeply interested in the company.その会社に深く関与しているI am greatly interested in the accident.その事故には大いに興味があるthe parties immediately interested直接関係のあ
  • not interested in:    《be ~》~に無関心で
  • become interested:    興味を持つ、興味が湧く、没頭し始める、感興が湧く、興が乗るWhat got you interested at first in baseball? どのようなきっかけで野球に興味を持ったのですか?


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  1. i would invite other people who are interested in this
    ですので 興味があれば研究に―
  2. and researchers who are interested in monitoring
  3. they become less interested in pursuing the case .
  4. and those of us who are just plain interested in good food .
  5. they're interested in making a pilot with me .
    一緒にパイロットの育成に 彼らが興味を持ってる


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