internal pocket 意味

  • internal pocket
  • in pocket:    〈英〉(金を)儲けて
  • in the pocket:    {1} : ポケットの中でThis option replaces a ringing tone with a vibration felt in the pocket. 《携帯電話》このオプションを設定すれば、呼出音{よびだしおん}が鳴らず、ポケットの中で震動するようになる。-----------------------------------------------------------
  • pocket:    1pocket n. ポケット; 懐中, 資力; (孤立した)小地区; 〔ビリヤード〕 玉受け, ポケット.【動詞+】He checked all his pockets for the key.ポケットをみな調べてそのかぎを捜したcram one's pocket with…自分のポケットに…を詰めこむA deflationary economy may create pockets of


  1. when they met with each other third time , the friend showed ryoma a handgun which he had bought , but this time ryoma took a foreign book on international public law out of his internal pocket and said to him " from now on , we must know the world ."


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