internal policy 意味

発音を聞く:   internal policyの例文
  • 国内政策
  • internal colonial policy:    国内的植民政策{こくないてきしょくみんせいさく}
  • internal economic policy:    国内経済政策
  • internal:    internal内部ないぶ内面的ないめんてき内在的ないざいてき内部的ないぶてき対内たいない国内こくない


  1. although these political parties agreed certain points in external policy , in the internal policy these parties , which included nationalistic dainihon association , national association , and the east liberal party which was a leftist among the freedom and people ' s rights movement , agreed each other only in the point of criticism against the government , the liberal party which was the second party of house of representatives (in meiji period ), or the rikken seiyukai (a political party organized by hirobumi ito ) which was established from the alliance of the liberal party and the governmental bureaucratic in the side of hirobumi ito .
    しかし、これらの政党は対外政策では一定の一致をみていたものの、国内政策では国粋主義的な大日本協会や国民協会から自由民権運動の中でも急進派である東洋自由党まで幅広い勢力を含んでいたために、政府あるいは衆議院第2党の自由党 (明治)あるいは後に同党と伊藤博文系官僚勢力が合同した立憲政友会に対する批判でしか一致をみなかった。


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