investment will 意味

  • 投資意欲
  • for investment:    for investment儲け付くで儲付くでもうけづくで
  • investment:    investment n. 投資, 投資物件; 包囲.【動詞+】Ireland has attracted investment from overseas.アイルランドは海外からの投資を誘致してきたThe government encourages investment by offering tax rebates.政府は税金を割り戻すことで投資を奨励するfinance a costly
  • (investment) yield:    (investment) yield利回りりまわり


  1. investment will go down the drain .
    投資が全て パー
  2. in the course of this process , if the foreign capital flows into the domestic market while interest rates are rising , capital investment will not be reduced and current account imbalance will continue .


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