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  1. and there is an automatic irrigation system
  2. isabel has brochures about the new irrigation system .
    イザベルが新しい灌漑システムについて パンフレットを持ってるんだ
  3. the drip irrigation system
  4. you know , the propane it takes to run your irrigation system and light your house .
    お前の灌漑システムや 家の照明に プロパンが必要だろ
  5. sophomore year of college , i walked away from an academic scholarship so i could go to this guatemalan village , help build their first irrigation system so they could have fresh water , crops that didn't give them dysentery .
    私は大学2年の時 グアテマラの貧しい村へ行った かんがいシステムを作って 真水を供給し―


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