irrigation technology 意味

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  • かんがい技術{ぎじゅつ}
  • irrigation and drainage technology:    かんがい?排水技術
  • irrigation:    irrigation n. 灌漑(かんがい); 洗浄.【動詞+】The Murray River provides irrigation for more than two million acres of farmland.マレー川は 200 万エーカー以上の農地を灌漑している.【形容詞 名詞+】colonic irrigation浣腸(かんちょう)convert one's fields
  • automatic irrigation:    自動潅水{じどう かんすい}


  1. this is a company that's brought drip irrigation technology
  2. obsessed with this drip irrigation technology
  3. he also promoted the know-how on irrigation technology by constructing farm ponds or banks to ' enabled the stable wet-rice agriculture .'
  4. irrigation technology has improved so much since the modern times that irrigation and drainage can be made possible by building a waterwheel along the channel even on alluvial plains where the slope is gentle , and as a result , rice cultivation has spread to downstream plains which are called breadbaskets today .


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