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  • irrigation water


  1. irrigation water , whatever water you see .
  2. she is worshipped as a deity of irrigation water as well as a deity of wells and it is believed that she gives divine grace for rainfall or for stopping rain .
  3. since this post played the role of having sole power over management and distribution of irrigation water in the area , it was an honorary position that was originally passed down to nanushi (village headmen ).
  4. when the development of marshland in musashi province (presently tokyo and saitama prefecture ) was completed for the time being , the fourth shogun fujiwara no yoritsune was told of a government strategy that , as a public works project , they planned to draw irrigation water from the tama-gawa river water system to secure drinking water and to develop rice paddies but since it was located true north of kamakura city , the home of the kamakura shogunate , the direction of the proposed development was judged as daibondo (the unluckiest direction ) by onmyoji and the shogun ' s residence consequently was moved (katatagae as called in onmyodo ) from kamakura to another house of akita jo no suke yoshikage (秋田城介善景 ) in the present tsurumi ward , yokohama city which was deemed a lucky direction prior to ordering the commencement of construction .
    4代将軍藤原頼経は、武蔵国(現在の東京都および埼玉県)の湿地開発が一段落したのを受けて、公共事業として多摩川水系から灌漑用水を引き飲料水確保や水田開発に利用しようとする政所の方針を上申された際、その開発対象地域が府都鎌倉市の真北に位置するために、陰陽師によって大犯土(大凶の方位)であると判じられたため、将軍の居宅をわざわざ存府の鎌倉から吉方であるとされた現在の横浜市鶴見区 (横浜市)所在の秋田城介善景の別屋敷にまで移転(陰陽道で言う方違え)してから工事の開始を命じた。


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