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  • irrigation works
  • irrigation:    irrigation n. 灌漑(かんがい); 洗浄.【動詞+】The Murray River provides irrigation for more than two million acres of farmland.マレー川は 200 万エーカー以上の農地を灌漑している.【形容詞 名詞+】colonic irrigation浣腸(かんちょう)convert one's fields
  • in the works:    進行中{しんこうちゅう}で、準備中{じゅんび ちゅう}で、完成間近{かんせい まぢか}でWe have a new ad campaign in the works, but I'm sworn to secrecy about it. われわれは現在、新たに宣伝活動中ですが、この秘密は厳守するよう誓います。The long-term irrigation study is in the wo
  • in the works for:    ~に対して進行中{しんこうちゅう}で


  1. ryoo helped doki tetsugyu zenji (monk ), who is ryoo ' s best friend with land reclamation project , so ryoo started the irrigation works at gokasho , uji city .
  2. he adopted a remarkably experimental technology for irrigation channels (babakusu no ide ) in the irrigation works for the shira-kawa river system , mainly to the kumamoto plain .
  3. it is estimated , from timing of the construction by the hata clan of kadono oi (the kadono dam ) as part of irrigation works for the present-day katsura-gawa river (the yodo-gawa river system ), that the uzumasa in yamashiro province has its origins around the sixth century .
    秦氏が現在の桂川 (淀川水系)に灌漑工事として葛野大堰を築いた点から山背国太秦の起点は6世紀頃と推定される。


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