itch for 意味

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  • ~したくてたまらない
  • itch:    1itch n. かゆみ; かいせん; 渇望.【動詞+】experience a severe itchひどいかゆみを覚えるfeel the itch for a night on the townひと晩町でパーッと遊びたくてたまらないhave the itchひぜんにかかっているI have an itch on my back.背中がかゆいHe has an itch to travel.
  • azo itch:    azo itchアゾかゆみ症[医生]
  • baker's itch:    パン屋掻痒症{や そうようしょう}


  1. i felt his itch for one last tune on his accordion ... and heard his final thought ...
    最後にもう一度アコーディオンを 弾きたかったと感じた... そして最後の思いは...
  2. here was me thinking we could satisfy your itch for fraternal bonding using the ageold tradition of two siblings hitting each other .
    兄弟がお互いを打ち合う 大昔からの伝統を使って 兄弟の絆を求める兄貴の気持ちを 満足させられると思ったんだが


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