jam 意味

発音記号: [ dʒæm ]発音を聞く   jamの例文
  • in a jam:    窮地{きゅうち}に陥って、困って
  • jam in:    進路をふさぐ、邪魔する
  • jam into:    ~に詰め込む、~に押し込む、~にぎっしり詰まる、群がり入る


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  1. the stationery glue made to look like strawberry jam .
  2. i don't suppose she'd care for strawberry jam instead ?
  3. they're trying to hack through the signal jam , but soon .
  4. ready to jam the security system on your signal .
    セキュリティシステムを 妨害できます
  5. i don't have a missile for you to jam , but go ahead .
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