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  • ナイフを用いての争い、刃物沙汰{はもの ざた}、白兵戦{はくへいせん}
  • (engaging in a) knife fight:    (engaging in a) knife fight刃物三昧はものざんまい
  • knife:    1knife n. ナイフ, 小刀, 包丁; 外科手術.【動詞+】brandish a knife(得意そうに)ナイフを振り回すcarry a pocket knife(折り畳み式の)ポケットナイフを携帯するHe drew his knife (from its sheath).(さやから)ナイフを抜いたflourish a knifeナイフを振りかざすget a knife in the b
  • (will to) fight:    (will to) fight闘志とうし


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  1. and we have us a knife fight . we won't be bothered .
    ナイフで決闘ね 悩むことはないわ
  2. but if you meet a knife fight in the street .
  3. even ones who die in a knife fight ?
  4. we're not starting a knife fight in the crimson . and we're not suing anybody .
    デスマッチかよ 告訴なんて
  5. when this town realizes that having you as a councilman makes for empty stomachs , they're gonna drum you out faster than a knife fight in a phone booth .
    街の皆が お前を 議員にしている為に 空腹になっていると 気付いたら 電話BOXでのナイフ戦より早く


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