laboratory instruments 意味

  • 実験器具{じっけん きぐ}
  • laboratory:    laboratory n. 実験室, 実習室, 研究所.【動詞+】establish a laboratory研究所を設立するfund a laboratory研究所に資金を出すThe laboratory is staffed by university professors and technicians.その研究所のスタッフは大学教授と専門家からなる.【+動詞】This laborato
  • aeronautic instruments:    航空計器{こうくう けいき}
  • aeronautical instruments:    航空計器{こうくう けいき}


  1. his major task was to teach chemistry to japanese people and he also had chance to contact with genzo who visited the place in order to make laboratory instruments .
  2. genzo obtained a broad knowledge of science there and started to manufacture laboratory instruments for teaching use and founded shimadzu corporation on march 31 , 1875 .
  3. shigeyoshi and his vassals conducted science experiments with these laboratory instruments and it is said that they particularly conducted research for gunpowder and blasting caps .


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