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  1. June 6: the naval landing forces began to be formed .
    6月6日 海軍陸戦隊編成開始。
  2. And my land force will be assembled by the second day .
    陸軍は次いで 結集する
  3. He was a member of the 900 strong land forces that took part in the second siege of jinju in may 1593 .
  4. Their disordered columns are being relentlessly attacked by our land forces and by the allied air forces by day and night .
    彼らの部隊は乱れ 我が陸軍と連合国空軍により 昼夜を問わず容赦なく 攻撃されている
  5. The land forces were commanded by the tang generals sonjinshi and ryujingen as well as by silla ' s kimhobin (king munmu ).
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