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  1. on what turned out to be his last hours on this earth
  2. it can last hours or months , and in rare cases , years .
    数時間から数ヶ月 稀には 数年続くこともある
  3. yeah , i know . i spent the last hours packing , without regret i might add
    ええ 分かってる 悔いなく 最後の時間を梱包に費やした
  4. i will not dishonor robert's last hours by shedding blood in his halls and dragging frightened children from their beds .
    ロバートが血を流し 最後の時を迎えて居る時 子どもをベッドから引き出すなどの 不名誉な事に 手を貸す事はしない
  5. an additional codicil , delivered into my possession by post only this morning , and , by all indications , sent by madame d during the last hours of her life , contains an amendment to the original certificate , which , as prescribed by law , i will read to you now .
    もう1つの追加条項が 今朝郵便で私の下に届けられました どうやらマダムDは


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