launch an expedition 意味

  • 探検{たんけん}の途につく


  1. with king sejong the great having ascended to the throne in joseon korea only the previous year (1418 ), former king taejong still held de facto power , and it was taejong who decided to launch an expedition against tsushima in june 1419 under the pretext of pacifying the wako , dispatching a fleet of 227 ships and 17 ,285 soldiers to invade tsushima , with general yi jong mu in command .
    李氏朝鮮では前年に世宗 (朝鮮王)が即位していたが、実権は太宗 (朝鮮王)が握っており、太宗は倭寇撃退を名目にした対馬遠征を決め、永楽17年(西暦1419年)6月、李従茂率いる227隻、17,285名の軍勢を対馬に侵攻させた。


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