lawsuit with 意味

  • ~との訴訟
  • lawsuit:    lawsuit n. 訴訟.【動詞+】avoid a lawsuit訴訟を避けるbring a lawsuit against sb for sthあることのために人を相手取って訴訟を起こすThat might draw a lawsuit.それは裁判ざたを引き起こすかもしれないdrop a lawsuit訴訟を取り下げるenter a lawsuit against sb人に対して訴訟を起こ
  • (lawsuit) costs:    (lawsuit) costs訴訟費用そしょうひよう
  • according to the lawsuit:    訴えによると


  1. we are in a separate lawsuit with the plaintiff , but
    被告とは 別訴で争っていますが
  2. i heard you lost the lawsuit with tsukuda .
    ≪ 佃との訴訟 負けたそうだな
  3. everywhere we go , as soon as they hear we're in a lawsuit with nakashima
    ≪どこもかしこも ナカシマと訴訟と聞いただけで➡
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