lazy thinking 意味

  • いい加減な思考{しこう}
  • lazy:    lazy adj. 怠惰な.【副詞】congenitally lazy生来怠惰なan incurably lazy person矯正(きょうせい)不可能なほど怠惰な人intolerably lazy手のつけられないほど怠惰なHe is mentally lazy.頭の働きがのろいHe is terribly lazy.ひどく怠惰だ.【+前置詞】Nobody is lazy about what
  • to be lazy:    to be lazyだらける体を惜しむからだをおしむ
  • thinking:    thinking n. 思考, 考え方.【動詞+】absorb sb's thinking人の考え方を取り入れるThe only way to deal with this problem is by adjusting your thinking.この問題に取り組むには君の考え方を調整するしかないNaturally, this experience affects their thinkin


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